A Computer Be Guilty of Buzz Marketing? – Computer Article

We’ve all heard about the recent crack downs on bloggers for Buzz Marketing and some major corporations have been fined millions of dollars for paying bloggers to buzz market their products in their blog posts. Often, bloggers were paid in gift certificates, coupons, or free product for doing so. In these past crack downs the culprits have been humans, but in the future they won’t. How do I know this you ask? Well, the writing is on the walls, but let me explain.Currently, we have online article marketers using computer-generated articles to promote their businesses, and how they work is fairly simple. You put in a large number of articles and the computer can re-arrange them taking one article and making it into five or 100 articles into an unlimited number of possibilities.Then those articles are taken and derivative articles are made, and these articles are posted to online article directories. In essence these article marketers are using the article directories to spam the search engines with their articles.Then they put their name at the bottom of the article with a byline to their website. Unfortunately, most of these computer-generated articles are complete garbage and they were not completed by an expert in any industry, rather they were completed by a computer. If a computer wrote the article, who is to say the person using the computer is even intelligent enough to prepare the articles, or an expert.In essence they are buzz marketing themselves in order to drive targeted traffic to their website to sell something. I don’t know about you but that sounds like it is unethical and is breaking the consumer regulations concerning buzz marketing. But how will a computer program pay the future fines? Please consider all this.

Article Writing Templates For Online Article Authors Being Used by AI Computer Software Now – Computer Article

Because writing is a skill that not everyone has, and because writing is so important for success in life and business, many online article directories, coaches, and consultants for web article writers and marketers have put together special templates and formats to help article authors write their information in a form that people can understand.Now that these templates and special formats exist, artificial intelligent software programmers have figured out how to take information and plug it into these formats. Therefore, there is no longer any need for the article author, the computer can write the entire article. Not only can a computer write the entire article, it can write hundreds or thousands of articles in very short time periods.Therefore, internet article authors and writers are no longer needed and they are being replaced by computer software. Today, the computer software articles are not as good as those done by a live human that knows how to write, but in the future you won’t be able to tell the difference between an article written by a human or one that was written by a computer software program.Interestingly enough, as an Internet article writer who is approaching 20,000 articles all written by me personally, I am noticing other article writers putting forth a tremendous number of pieces in such abundant volume that it is obvious they are using automated computer software to write these articles.Since writing articles is difficult and it is quite time consuming to write a large number of articles, it makes sense that someone would’ve come up with a scheme to cheat in this way. Unfortunately, it appears that the time has come where computer software programs will replace humans in this particular job category. If you are an online article writer, it was nice knowing you, and as a fellow internet article writer, I feel your pain. Please consider all this.